Brache Medical Offices North Vancouver

Located on a mezzanine of a large grocery store in North Vancouver, Brache Medical was a project that began with a period of research. The project inspiration came from two key elements: the elements of a grocery store and a Norman Rockwell painting.

KSA Architecture

The grocery store inspired elements such as the rubber reception desk counter surface [the same rubber material as the “moving” check-out grocery counter – complete with the metal “stapled” jointed]. Typical supermarket frozen food display freezers were “re-interpreted” as cabinetry. The large illuminated “number” signs above each check-out counter were re-invented as illuminate signs above the door of each doctor’s exam room [dimmed when occupied and lit when vacant and ready for the next patient].

Norman Rockwell’s “Before the Shot” was reproduced as a large graphic on the wall of the waiting room. One exam room’s interior was an exact match of the interior of the Rockwell painting – down to the level of detail of the bright metal cabinet doors, the flooring, wall colours, etc. The idea is that patients would be viewing the reproduction on the wall of the exam room [while they sat in a replica of the exam room they were looking at].

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