303 Pacific Warehouse

Saskatoon’s small but historically significant Warehouse District is one of the most interesting and rapidly developing areas of the burgeoning city. 303 Pacific is symbolic of the growth occurring in this area. Built in the early 1900s, 303 Pacific is a 21,000 square foot heritage building.

KSA Architecture

The ownership group for the building (PIC Investment Group Inc. and zu) redeveloped the building to allow the PIC Investment Group Inc. to occupy the 3rd floor of the building. Communications firm zu.com occupies the 2nd floor. The office of KSA Group Architecture are located on a portion of the ground floor.

KSA Architecture

A new entrance was cut into the west side of the warehouse – to serve as the main entry for the 3rd floor. The new entrance lobby is completely clad in aluminum with visitor’s greeted by a virtual receptionist “Alice”. A new exterior courtyard was created to promote street level activity and add life to the neighbourhood.

The project includes a new 3 story addition on the northeast corner of the building that involved the removal of the existing unsightly metal siding and stucco portion of the building and its replacement with a new brick addition that matches the character and heritage of the original building. The project was chosen for the Lieutenant Governor’s Heritage Architectural Excellence Award in 2016.

KSA Architecture

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