The Central

The project was intended to be a 2-storey, 20,000 square foot retail and office development in Warman, SK.   The exterior colours were inspired by the colours of railway cars that people view when parked at a level crossing; “waiting” for the train for pass. The project is on hold.

Project: The Central

Location: Warman, SK

Client: Confidential

Architect: KSA Group Architecture

Area: 20,000 square feet

Design considerations included: maximizing profits for the client via achieving a 90% gross to net ratio, and maximizing the ground floor frontage to create an “active” street front. The client also asked for a unique design.

KSA Architecture

The idea of the vertical strips of coloured metal panels arose from maximizing efficiency via using standard width panels (21” wide) that, when paired for a total width of 42” added up to the width of a door and frame. The 21”/42” panel width became a standard module for the entire exterior – this allowed for speed in installation and simplification of detailing – as:

• all exterior panels are 21” wide

• the majority of exterior panels run the full height of the building (from the ground to the roof) which allows for speed of installation

KSA Architecture

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