WBM Technologies Inc.

The WBM (Western Business Machine) building design started with the program; which fortunately “matched” with the shape for a building that Kent Sutherland had in mind for several years; a long, low one storey building inspired by sustainable design ideas and primarily orienting a rectangular building on the East – West direction to maximize solar gain and minimize energy use.

KSA Architecture

Structural: JC Kenyon Engineering Inc.

Mechanical: MacPherson Engineering Inc.

Electrical: Ritenburg & Associates Ltd.

Specialty Consultant: 

Civil – Catterall & Wright Consulting Engineers

Code Specialist – D-Code Engineering Ltd.

KSA Architecture

Location: 4900 Parliament Avenue, Regina SK

Client: WBM Technologies Inc.

Architect: KSA Group Architecture

Status + Schedule: 2018 – 2019

Area: 14,855 square feet

KSA Architecture
KSA Architecture

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